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Still Pretty

The last episode of Still Pretty, celebrated with our honorary third host, Dr. Kelly Jones. Stay tuned for listener messages at the end. Thank you all.

Chosen (S7.22)

That was nifty! For the last episode of Buffy, Noelle and Lani talk about cookie dough shippers, how Buffy changed television history, and wonder who gets to choose...

Bonus: Dear Writer

Dear Writer is a Substack newsletter put out by Lani that sends two letters a week; one inspirational digest on Wednesdays, and a longer personal letter with the priva...

End of Days (S7.21)

I look good for my age. Lani and Noelle discuss the matriarchy in the Buffyverse, Anya as the perfect woman and the sacrifices you shouldn’t make for the sake of a ...

Touched (S7.20)

I love what you are. I love how you try. Lani and Noelle take a look at visual storytelling, Faith as a leader, and love stories v. romances when they talk about To...

Empty Places (S7.19)

It’s not a road trip. It’s a covert operation. Lani and Noelle talk about dark moments and the feminine redemption arc in Empty Places (S7.19)

Dirty Girls (S7.18)

Are you the bad slayer now? Am I the good slayer now? Lani and Noelle start the last fast ride into finale-land as they talk about evil as a character beat, reclaim...

Lies My Parents Told Me (S7.17)

Love the coat. Lani and Noelle talk about justice, betrayal and the gift to all that is Juliet Landau as they love up all over Lies My Parents Told Me (S7.17)

Storyteller (S7.16)

Noelle welcomes special guest Dr. Kelly Jones to talk about being a fan of your own story, Spike's performative evil and the Nietzsche/Andrew connection.

Get it Done (S7.15)

“You keep bringing people in, they’re gonna see everything. They’ll see the big board.” The season's escalating toward the final fight as Lani and Noelle talk femin...

First Date (S7.14)

Our feelings are changeable, but intense. Hand to God, we love Buffy. We really do. But some episodes are… First Date (S7.14)

The Killer in Me (S7.13)

Seems like fairy tale crap to me. Lani and Noelle tackle the Myth of the One Great Love in The Killer in Me (S7.13)

Potential (S7.12)

You're not special. You're extraordinary. Lani and Noelle celebrate the awesome that is Dawn as our youngest Summers sister discovers her worth in Potential (S7.12)

Showtime (S7.11)

Buffy and Cuthbert battle it out in construction site Thunderdome, while Lani and Noelle debate who the protagonist of the show really is. (Psst: It's Willow.) (Showti...

Bring on the Night (S7.10)

"There's evil, and then there's the thing that created evil." Lani and Noelle go to the dark side, but just to pick up a few things, as they discuss misleads, cospl...

Never Leave Me (S7.09)

“You risked everything to be a better man. And you can be." Lani and Noelle talk about violence, self-loathing and the fruitful/fruitless pursuit of redemption in Neve...

Sleeper (S7.08)

"I used to tell the truth all the time when I was evil." Dr. Kelly Jones takes over Lani's chair to talk about Sleeper (S7.08) with Noelle.Dr. Kelly Jones takes over L...

Conversations With Dead People (S7.07)

"Everybody is alone. Evrybody is. Until you die" Dr. Kelly Jones joins Noelle and Lani for a lively discussion of Conversations with Dead People (S7.07)

Him (S7.06)

“Like Hannah Gadsby, I identify as tired.” - @noellealoud We just can’t with Him (S7.06). We. Just. Can’t.

Selfless (S7.05)

“Vengeance is what I am.” It's identity stories all the way down in Selfless (S7.05)

Help (S7.04)

"See? You can make a difference." Noelle and Lani discuss what is and is not 'helping' as they talk about Help (S7.04)

Same Time, Same Place (S7.03)

"I love a giftie." Buffy finally starts earning its horror stripes with one of the creepiest monsters of all time in Same Time, Same Place (S7.03)

Beneath You (S7.02)

"From beneath you, it devours." Well... I mean, it does. But does it? Beneath You (S7.02)

Lessons (S7.01)

"It's about power." Love it or hate it, you gotta hand it to Season 7; it busts through the swinging doors like a cowboy at a saloon about to throw down. Lessons (S7.01)

Grave (S6.22)

"Is this your master plan? You're going to stop me by telling me you love me?" :::sniff::: Grave (S6.22)

Two to Go (S6.21)

"You boys like magic, don't you? Abracadabra." It's time to talk about queer grief. Two to Go (S6.21)

Villains (S6.20)

”Bored now." Willow goes dark and flays a man alive while leaving his pants on. Huh. Villains (S6.20)

Seeing Red (S6.19)

"Your shirt." Ugh. No. NO. Seeing Red. (S6.19) with special guest Anya from Hallowed Ground Media.

Entropy (S6.18)

Can we just skip it? Can you just be kissing me now? Noelle and guest host Dr. Kelly Jones talk about the best parts of Entropy. (S6.18).

Normal Again (S6.17)

"What's more real? A sick girl in an institution or some kind of supergirl chosen to fight demons and save the world? It's ridiculous." Lani and Noelle debate what rea...

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