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Showtime (S7.11)

Buffy and Cuthbert battle it out in construction site Thunderdome, while Lani and Noelle debate who the protagonist of the show really is. (Psst: It's Willow.) (Showtime, S7.11)

Bring on the Night (S7.10)

"There's evil, and then there's the thing that created evil." Lani and Noelle go to the dark side, but just to pick up a few things, as they discuss misleads, cosplay Dru and Cuthbert the Uber Vamp in Bring on the Night (S7.10)

Never Leave Me (S7.09)

“You risked everything to be a better man. And you can be." Lani and Noelle talk about violence, self-loathing and the fruitful/fruitless pursuit of redemption in Never Leave Me (S7.09).

Sleeper (S7.08)

"I used to tell the truth all the time when I was evil." Dr. Kelly Jones takes over Lani's chair to talk about Sleeper (S7.08) with Noelle.Dr. Kelly Jones takes over Lani's chair to talk about Sleeper (S7.08) with Noelle.

Conversations With Dead People (S7.07)

"Everybody is alone. Evrybody is. Until you die" Dr. Kelly Jones joins Noelle and Lani for a lively discussion of Conversations with Dead People (S7.07)

Him (S7.06)

“Like Hannah Gadsby, I identify as tired.” - @noellealoud We just can’t with Him (S7.06). We. Just. Can’t.

Selfless (S7.05)

“Vengeance is what I am.” It's identity stories all the way down in Selfless (S7.05)

Help (S7.04)

"See? You can make a difference." Noelle and Lani discuss what is and is not 'helping' as they talk about Help (S7.04)

Same Time, Same Place (S7.03)

"I love a giftie." Buffy finally starts earning its horror stripes with one of the creepiest monsters of all time in Same Time, Same Place (S7.03)

Beneath You (S7.02)

"From beneath you, it devours." Well... I mean, it does. But does it? Beneath You (S7.02)

Lessons (S7.01)

"It's about power." Love it or hate it, you gotta hand it to Season 7; it busts through the swinging doors like a cowboy at a saloon about to throw down. Lessons (S7.01)

Grave (S6.22)

"Is this your master plan? You're going to stop me by telling me you love me?" :::sniff::: Grave (S6.22)

Two to Go (S6.21)

"You boys like magic, don't you? Abracadabra." It's time to talk about queer grief. Two to Go (S6.21)

Villains (S6.20)

”Bored now." Willow goes dark and flays a man alive while leaving his pants on. Huh. Villains (S6.20)

Seeing Red (S6.19)

"Your shirt." Ugh. No. NO. Seeing Red. (S6.19) with special guest Anya from Hallowed Ground Media.

Entropy (S6.18)

Can we just skip it? Can you just be kissing me now? Noelle and guest host Dr. Kelly Jones talk about the best parts of Entropy. (S6.18).

Normal Again (S6.17)

"What's more real? A sick girl in an institution or some kind of supergirl chosen to fight demons and save the world? It's ridiculous." Lani and Noelle debate what reality is really real in Normal Again (S6.17).

Hell’s Bells (S6.16)

"This bride waits for no one!" Lani and Noelle feel the blush of imprudent spending as they ring out Hell's Bells (S6.16).

As You Were (S6.15)

Were you always this tall? Ugh. Riley's back. As You Were (S6.15).

Older and Far Away (S6.14)

"You made a wish to a vengeance demon!" Lani and Noelle stay in one place and talk about bottle episodes in Older and Far Away (S6.14).

Dead Things (S6.13)

There is nothing good or clean in you. Lani and Noelle struggle to talk about a well-written episode they hate watching with Dead Things (S6.13).

Doublemeat Palace (S6.12)

It's a meat process. Noelle and Lani can't unsee what they've suddenly seen while watching Doublemeat Palace (S6.12).

Gone (S6.11)

Stop trying to see me. InvisiBuffy is a little hit and a lot of miss in Gone (S6.11) but the hair is adorable.

Wrecked (S6.10)

No. That's fair. I was a rat. Hey, guess what? Magic is drugs now, and Lani and Noelle are all over why that metaphor doesn't really work in Wrecked (S6.10).

Smashed (S6.09)

Come on. Rush me. It'll be funny. Lani and Noelle f*ck the house down in Smashed (S6.09).

Tabula Rasa (S6.08)

Whatever, Umad. Lani and Noelle try to answer the question, "How do we know who we are?" in the context of Tabula Rasa (S6.08).

Once More With Feeling (S6.07)

Where do we go from here? Lani and Noelle talk song, dance and story movement in Once More With Feeling (S6.07).

All the Way (S6.06)

Did anyone come here to just make out? Special guest host Dr. Kelly Jones sits down with Noelle to talk about the badassery that is Dawn in All The Way (S6.06).

Life Serial (S6.05)

This is gonna be great. If loving Jonathan and Andrew is wrong, AND IT IS, then Noelle and Lani have some serious inner work to do as they talk about Life Serial (S6.05).

Flooded (S6.04)

No. More. Full. Copper. REPIPE! Noelle and Lani try to figure out why they hate Flooded so much (S6.04).

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