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Hell’s Bells (S6.16)

"This bride waits for no one!" Lani and Noelle feel the blush of imprudent spending as they ring out Hell's Bells (S6.16).

As You Were (S6.15)

Were you always this tall? Ugh. Riley's back. As You Were (S6.15).

Older and Far Away (S6.14)

"You made a wish to a vengeance demon!" Lani and Noelle stay in one place and talk about bottle episodes in Older and Far Away (S6.14).

Dead Things (S6.13)

There is nothing good or clean in you. Lani and Noelle struggle to talk about a well-written episode they hate watching with Dead Things (S6.13).

Doublemeat Palace (S6.12)

It's a meat process. Noelle and Lani can't unsee what they've suddenly seen while watching Doublemeat Palace (S6.12).

Gone (S6.11)

Stop trying to see me. InvisiBuffy is a little hit and a lot of miss in Gone (S6.11) but the hair is adorable.

Wrecked (S6.10)

No. That's fair. I was a rat. Hey, guess what? Magic is drugs now, and Lani and Noelle are all over why that metaphor doesn't really work in Wrecked (S6.10).

Smashed (S6.09)

Come on. Rush me. It'll be funny. Lani and Noelle f*ck the house down in Smashed (S6.09).

Tabula Rasa (S6.08)

Whatever, Umad. Lani and Noelle try to answer the question, "How do we know who we are?" in the context of Tabula Rasa (S6.08).

Once More With Feeling (S6.07)

Where do we go from here? Lani and Noelle talk song, dance and story movement in Once More With Feeling (S6.07).

All the Way (S6.06)

Did anyone come here to just make out? Special guest host Dr. Kelly Jones sits down with Noelle to talk about the badassery that is Dawn in All The Way (S6.06).

Life Serial (S6.05)

This is gonna be great. If loving Jonathan and Andrew is wrong, AND IT IS, then Noelle and Lani have some serious inner work to do as they talk about Life Serial (S6.05).

Flooded (S6.04)

No. More. Full. Copper. REPIPE! Noelle and Lani try to figure out why they hate Flooded so much (S6.04).

After Life (S6.3)

It's hard to get a good night's death around here. Noelle and Lani discuss mirrors and the transformative power of pain as they dive into After Life (S6.03).

Bargaining 1 & 2 (S6.1-2)

Is this hell? Lani and Noelle say hello to the darkness that is Season 6 as they discuss Bargaining Parts 1&2 (S6.1-2)

The Gift (S5.22)

"The hardest thing in this world is to live in it. Be brave. Live. For me." Lani and Noelle discuss The Gift (S5.22).

The Weight of the World (S5.21)

Gods don't pay. Buffy shuts down and Willow takes charge as Lani and Noelle contemplate the various Buffy pairings in The Weight of the World (S5.21).

Spiral (S5.20)

Buckle up, kids. Daddy's putting the hammer down! Lani and Noelle question the WTF as medieval knights attack an RV in Spiral (S5.20).

Tough Love (S5.19)

I owe you pain! Lani and Noelle talk about the long-tail effects of Willow's rush to black-eyed, level 30 mage in Tough Love (S5.19).

Intervention (S5.18)

Vampires of the world, beware! What does the BuffyBot say about the complexity of Spike's love? Lani and Noelle try to figure it out in Intervention (S5.18).

Forever (S5.17)

We liked the lady. It’s coding, love stories vs. romance, and Spike as the essence of ride or die in Forever (S5.17).

The Body (S5.16)

Lani and Noelle process the five one-act plays of grief in “The Body” (S5.16).

I Was Made to Love You (S5.115)

“‘Crying is blackmail. Good girlfriends don’t cry,’ is the girlfriend catechism,” is a thing Noelle said in this week’s episode, talking about the deep philosophical questions inspired by the sci-fi in I Was Made to Love You (S5.15). So you need to listen.

Crush (S5.14)

He’s got cool hair, and he’s got leather coats and stuff. Spike confesses his love for Buffy, and Lani and Noelle confess their love for Harmony, in our review of Crush (S5.14).

Blood Ties (S5.13)

Conversation’s over, hell-bitch. The Summers sisters bond over blood, and Lani and Noelle ponder the nature of reality in Blood Ties (S5.13).

Checkpoint (S5.12)

If that girl's the only thing between me and my key, I don't need much time. Lani and Noelle discuss Buffy's beautiful smackdown of the Watcherarchy in Checkpoint (S5.12).

Triangle (S5.11)

I have finesse! I have finesse coming out of my bottom! It’s time for a game of Xander-in-the-middle as Lani and Noelle examine the sitcommy trollness that is Triangle (S5.11).

Into the Woods (S5.10)

All views are represented as Lani and Noelle disagree heartily on Into the Woods (S5.10).

Listening to Fear (S5.09)

See those stars along there? That's the bottom of the pineapple. Lani and Noelle discuss sci-fi in the Buffyverse, Joyce as a child, and the awesome of Dawn in Listening to Fear (S5.09).

Shadow (S5.08)

Tick-tock, Dreg. Tick-frickin'-tock! Big snake. With arms. Why? We don't know. But we're gonna repeatedly punch it in the face as we talk Shadow (S5.08)!

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